Wrinkles, pigmentation, scars after acne or sagging skin? Dermpen can offer the solution! It is the most efficient system when it comes to Microneedling in order to effectuate skin improvement. Curious to see what this Beauty Bar treatment can do for you? Read along below.

Dermapen treatment

Natural Skin Improvement

Dermapen was designed to effectuate skin improvement in a safe and natural way. A treatment with Dermapen is a great choice for a skin which needs some extra attention. It works by making very tiny vertical notches in the skin, which are not even visible on the outside. The epidermis (the outer layer of the skin), does not get damaged through this process. The skin is getting ‘wounded’ in order to be activated. This starts the natural recovery process of the skin.

shine like never before

Smooth Skin

Through this recovery process the connective tissue of the skin will be triggered. This stimulates the skin to create new collagen and elastin. Due to this effect after using the Dermapen, the skin will be smoother and firmer. Scars, wrinkles and fine lines, hyper pigmentation and stretch marks (amongst other things), will become more superficial and will fade.


Microneedling vs. Dermapen

The depth of the needles can be set per person and even per zone. This makes that the treatment can be tailored to your individual needs. In comparison to the traditional Microneedling Rollers, a treatment with Dermapen is much more pleasant. Besides that the treatments can be performed faster and with more precision.

Treatment package

Treatments with Dermapen are the most efficient when performed as a treatment course. A minimum of 4 treatments is usually advised, with an interval of 2 weeks in between the treatments. Before starting the treatments you will have a consultation with our Beauty Bar skin expert, who can advise you which would be the best approach in order to reach your individual goals.


Every two weeks


% skin improvement

How to use

Dermapen can be used for:

Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin
Scars after acne
Scars of any other kind
Damage caused by sun

Coarse skin / enlarged pores
Stretch marks
Double chin

More Information

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