Hair Extensions

At The Beauty Bar Rome, we are using the SHE hair extensions, high-quality hair extensions to match individual hair desires. Our selection and quality guarantees a customizable look that will please every client!

Hair Extensions

Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are a great way to add length, fullness, or color to your hair without having to wait several months or years for your hair to grow. Our team of highly skilled hair extension technicians can help you get the natural looking hairstyle you want thanks to high-quality hair extensions from SHE Hair.

Hair extensions are recommended for those that desire:

  • to have longer hair
  • to have more volume
  • to have wavy hair without the use of chemicals
  • top-quality hair
  • something better than the usual extensions
  • to no longer have hair fall out

Hair Extensions

Our Approach

Sit down about your questions and concerns. It’s no obligation and we’ll map out a solution custom tailored to your needs and hair goals.

Hair Options
From the budget conscious client to the most discerning client–we have something for everyone, from mid range to high end.

Hair Types
All hair types matter. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, we have options for you!

We offer the most application techniques on the market and continue to add to our list.

Hair extensions

SHE Hair Extensions

SHE Hair is the global leader in producing 100% Human Hair Extensions. SHE Hair is proud to offer the highest quality hair available in a wide range of colors, textures and application techniques. As the single largest purchaser of hair in the world, SHE Hair has unparalleled access to the finest hair available on the market.

The hair extensions from SHE Hair are available in 90 color choices, three different textures (straight, wavy and curly) and several lengths for stylists to choose from. In addition, our hair extensions are available in several different application techniques.

Hair extensions

Custom-Made to Fit You

Beautybar Rome is dedicated to creating custom-made Hair Extensions for each client. Our customised approach sets us apart from all other salons and makes us stand out as true experts in the world of Hair Extensions. Beautybar Rome continues to innovate and remains dedicated to achieving natural-looking Hair Extensions for each individual client.

FAQ - Hair extensions

How long will the hair extensions last?
Hair extensions can last from 3 to 6 months depending on how well they were applied, the care the stylist and client give them, the length of the client’s hair, and how fast the client’s hair grows. The longer the client’s hair is, the better it will cover the hair extension bonds allowing them to “grow out” more without being seen.

Can I still color the client’s hair if they have extensions?
Yes! The client’s hair should be colored 2-3 days before placement of the hair extensions and any time 2-3 weeks after the application.

Can they get hair conditioner on the bonds?
If the bond is correctly applied to the hair, the client will be able to shampoo and condition the same way they always treated their hair.

What about styling products?
As long as the bonds have been properly applied and closed on the client’s hair, there is no reason to worry about using any type of styling products on the hair extensions.

Do I have to wash the hair everyday or can I skip days in between?
With hair extensions, many people find they shampoo less during a week because the hair is fuller than normal and doesn’t get as oily, flat, or unkempt looking as their own hair.

However, many woman who exercise daily wash their hair extensions every day with no adverse effects on the condition or longevity of their new hair.

Can the hair extensions air dry naturally?
When the proper application procedures are followed, the keratin bond is completely sealed. You will be able to blow dry or let your hair extensions dry naturally.

If they are taking medications, will that affect their hair extensions?
If one of the side effects of their medication is excessive hair loss or increased shedding, then they will lose more because of their own hair shedding.  Medications in no way affect the hair extensions themselves.

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