LVL Lash Lifting

Have you already been introduced to the latest trend regarding lashes? You can now have the best lashes of your life, without mascara, a lash curler or lash extensions. Find out how with LVL Lash Lifting!


CT Lashes

Where It All Began

At The Beauty Bar we are working with our own brand: CT Lashes. This is actually where our story in Rome begins and from where we started working towards the opening of The Beauty Bar. High quality products and innovative treatment techniques are two of our focal points for everything regarding lashes. The treatments are only performed by our Lash Professionals in order to give you the most gorgeous lashes you could dream of. Choose for extensions of lift them with LVL Lash Lifting!

“Find something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”
Caroline Houben – Founder CT Lashes

How LVL Works

Lift & Extend

During an LVL Lash Lift treatment we will perfectly lift your lashes, making them look fuller and longer than ever before. This will create a gorgeous look, making your eyes pop! Combining the LVL treatment with lash tinting makes you can even throw your mascara away!


The results of an LVL Lash Lift treatment will hold up to 8 weeks. You don’t have to worry when taking a shower, swimming or working working – your lashes are resistant to anything with LVL.


How to LVL

The LVL Treatment

During an LVL Lash Lifting treatment at The Beauty Bar, we will place silicone patches at your lids to start with. Using a special liquid, your lashes will be very carefully placed on top of those patches in order to create the curly, lifted look. After this we will apply a fixing gel in order to make sure your lashes will keep on looking fabulous for weeks. Every single lash is treated with LVL. If desired we can apply a black lash tint after the lifting. This way your lashes are gorgeous even without mascara.

Compared to traditional lash lifting treatments, LVL doesn’t damage the natural lashes. We are not making use of a lash curler, rollers or heat in order to curl the lashes. Besides that we make sure to lift from the very root of the lashes. This will give your lashes the best lift you could ever dream of!


Opening Hours

10:00am – 19:00pm

Upon request


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