At the Beautybar Rome, we offer a variety of services to help you look and feel your best. Our curated team of Beauty Professionals provide make-up, hair and nail services for brides, events, parties and special occasions!



Look & Feel Beautiful

Whether you’re looking for natural, glamorous or something in between, we take a personalized approach to create your perfect look.

Count on the most luxurious and most hygienic experience with our manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, gel nails and nail extensions. Choose from our selection of designs and customize it with your own colors!

We can create any look you want, including waves, braids and updos for every hair type, texture and occasion. From straight and sleek to beachy waves, achieve your perfect hair!


Our Approach

Your Beauty
How do you want to feel today? Simply select the services that match your beauty needs and we’ll handle the rest—on demand. Whatever the request, we always take a tailored approach to each appointment!

Your Schedule
9am board meeting? 8pm dinner party? No matter where you are or what your day looks like, we deliver a consistently superior experience that fits your life and your schedule, because beauty happens every second of every day.

Our Team
Using our intelligent technology, we assemble the perfect squad of talented, trusted beauty professionals with you in mind. Each service is customized and each beauty professional is chosen to meet your unique needs.

Bridal Make-up

Bridal Beauty

The most important day in your life. Your wedding. You want to look your best. Whether you plan to have your wedding soon or just dream about it, consider every detail carefully to make each and every moment of this ceremony memorable. Not only the dress, jewelry and hairstyle will be important.

On your wedding day, you will get noticed from head to toe, from your hair strands to your toe nails, not only by your husband-to-be but by everyone present at the wedding and the party. On such an important day of your life, you cannot afford to have anything less than beautiful nails. Tell us your expectations and desired look and we’ll make sure you look amazing for your big day!



Take the stress out of your big day with our wedding trial which includes an in-depth consultation to get to know you better and your desired style. Our hand-selected team of Bridal Beauty Professionals will work with you to perfect your look so it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

More Information

Want to know more about our Hair Extensions? Get in touch with us, or make your appointment at The Beauty Bar.

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