Sugar Waxing

Ready for the smoothest skin of your life, without the irritations of shaving or regular waxing? Try Sugar Waxing at The Beauty Bar in Rome. Read along to find out how this works!

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Natural Waxing Solution

For all us girls (and men) out there: we know the struggles of trying to keep a smooth, hair-free skin all year round. Using your razors every day is a full time job itself and regular waxing usually leaves you with red and irritated skin. That’s why we are introducing Sugar Waxing to The Beauty Bar! This natural solution to waxing, makes use of a sugar paste in order to remove your hairs from the root.

The advantage of Sugar Waxing is that it aims at just getting your hairs – sugar wax won’t stick to live skin cells. This makes that it doesn’t rip of your skin or cause any irritation The sugar pastes used at The Beauty Bar contain only simple sugars and water – so free of chemicals and toxic scents. Read along to find out how this works.

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How does Sugar Waxing work?

Sugar Waxing is a natural solution to waxing. It is done using a sugar paste – made from nothing else but simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and water. The paste is heated in order for it to become smooth. Then the sugar paste is applied to the selected area. Since it is a very gentle, pain-free way of waxing, sugar waxing is suited for even the most delicate areas.

Rolling the paste into a ball, it is applied in small strokes and is removed gently using nothing else but the wax itself. The best part is that only the hairs will stick to the paste. The hairs come out with the root, leaving your skin hair-free for a few weeks. Repeating your Sugar Waxing treatments regularly at The Beauty Bar Rome will make that the hairs will grow back slower each time. Besides that your hairs will grow back softer and less dark. 


Sugar Waxing vs. Regular Waxing

Compared to regular waxing, Sugar Waxing is less harsh on the skin. This is due to the fact that the sugar paste will not stick to the skin and thus doesn’t rip it of during the process. At the same time, this makes the process way less painful! Rolling the sugar paste on the skin also makes for a great exfoliation. This will leave your skin smooth and soft while getting your wax on.

Because the skin is not being damaged with Sugar Waxing, you can immediately continue your daily activities. No skin irritations, no pain, no down time and a smooth, hair-free skin in return. So what are you waiting for? Throw away your razor and mark your Sugar Waxing appointment at The Beauty Bar Rome!

Treatment Areas

Sugar Waxing is suited for:





Bikini area

Brazilian Wax

Arm Pits


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